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In the realm of the American running scene, Alabama stands out with a rich blend of Southern charm, rugged terrains, and spirited communities. The Heart of Dixie, as Alabama is affectionately known, isn’t just about its musical roots or delicious barbecue. Though both are undeniably delightful, it’s also home to a calendar bursting with races that beckon runners of all abilities. Among these, half marathons hold a special place.

These 13.1-mile challenges strike a harmonious balance, offering accessibility for newer runners and a genuine test for the experienced marathoners. Each half marathon in Alabama unfolds a unique story. From coastal breezes and sunrise views over the Gulf, to the undulating paths that echo with history and whispers of legends.

In this list, we’ll embark on a journey to uncover the best half marathons Alabama has to offer. Whether you’re chasing a personal record, or just seeking a scenic trot, there’s a half marathon in Alabama waiting to sweep you off your feet. Let’s hit the ground running!

Rocket City Half Marathon

Location: Huntsville, AL
Date: December

The Rocket City Half Marathon, much like its full marathon counterpart, holds a special place in Alabama’s running community. It takes place in Huntsville, famously known as “Rocket City” due to its roots in the U.S. space missions. As such, this race promises not just a physical challenge, but a journey through history and innovation.

Starting amidst the backdrop of Huntsville’s bustling downtown, the race seamlessly weaves urban landscapes with nature’s tranquility. The course is known for its flat and fast stretches, so it offers runners a chance to gun for PR’s.

But what truly sets the Rocket City Half Marathon apart is its homage to Huntsville’s aerospace legacy. Along the route, runners often catch glimpses of iconic landmarks associated with the space industry. It is a subtle nod to the region’s contributions to space exploration. The race swag and medals often bear symbols and designs inspired by the city’s rocket heritage, making them unique keepsakes.

As you approach the finish line, it’s not just the sense of personal accomplishment that will swell within you, but also a profound appreciation for a city that marries its past and future so harmoniously. Whether you’re a seasoned half-marathoner or a newcomer looking to test your mettle, the Rocket City Half Marathon offers an experience that’s both physically rewarding and deeply resonant.

Big Beach Half Marathon

Location: Gulf Shores, AL
Date: January

The Big Beach Half Marathon takes place in the picturesque Gulf Shores of Alabama. Because of its location, it offers a unique blend of sun, sand, and stamina. As the waves crash gently, runners enjoy a journey that’s a treat for the senses and a test of endurance.

Beginning near the Gulf State Park, the course provides a panoramic view of nature’s splendor. Runners get to experience the raw beauty of the Alabama coast, with sandy dunes and a horizon that stretches endlessly. The rhythm of the waves acts as nature’s own playlist, keeping participants company throughout their run.

Designed to be flat and fast, the Big Beach Half Marathon can be beginner friendly. On the other hand, it is also conducive for seasoned runners aiming for a personal best. The pristine pathways and well maintained routes ensure a seamless running experience, allowing athletes to focus solely on their pace and the beauty surrounding them.

But the real magic of this event lies in its post-race celebrations. As you cross the finish line, the beach transforms into a vibrant party hub. The spirit of camaraderie is palpable as runners, families, and spectators converge to celebrate their achievements on the sunlit beach.

In essence, the Big Beach Half Marathon isn’t just a race. It’s a coastal celebration of running, nature, and community spirit. Whether you’re in it for the thrill of the race, the scenic views, or the beachside festivities, this event promises an unforgettable experience. Lace up and let the Alabama coast be your running muse!

Bridge Street Town Centre Half Marathon

Location: Huntsville, AL
Date: April

Nestled in Huntsville, the Bridge Street Town Centre Half Marathon is truly a gem. Combining urban charm with athletic challenge, it’s a race not to be missed. Starting at the heart of the upscale shopping center, participants immediately feel the race’s unique vibe. Glistening waterways and picturesque landscapes greet runners at every turn.

Moreover, the relatively flat terrain offers an enticing route for all. Beginners find it welcoming, while seasoned runners chase personal bests. The course elegantly weaves through iconic landmarks, highlighting Huntsville’s modern appeal. However, it’s not just about the run.

Afterwards, participants can explore the town centre. Renowned for its shops, eateries, and entertainment, it’s a runner’s reward. The post-race atmosphere is electric. Music fills the air, celebratory cheers abound, and the sense of community strengthens.

In conclusion, the Bridge Street Town Centre Half Marathon is more than a race. It’s an experience, blending athleticism with leisure. So, gear up and mark your calendars; this event promises memories that last a lifetime.

Tuscaloosa Half Marathon

Location: Tuscaloosa, AL
Date: March

Situated in the historic heart of Alabama, the Tuscaloosa Half Marathon beckons. Blending Southern hospitality with athletic rigor, it’s an event that resonates. Starting downtown, the energy is palpable. Tuscaloosa’s iconic landmarks play backdrop, setting the tone for the 13.1-mile challenge.

The course, undeniably scenic, offers a mix of city streets and river views. Whether a newbie or a marathon veteran, the path intrigues and challenges. Throughout, Tuscaloosa’s vibrant community shows up, cheering and supporting every stride.

But beyond the race, the city offers more. Rich in history and culture, exploring Tuscaloosa post-race is a must. Restaurants, museums, and local shops promise a well-rounded experience. Indeed, the marathon becomes a gateway to discovering the city’s treasures.

In summary, the Tuscaloosa Half Marathon isn’t just about the miles. It’s a journey through history, community, and personal accomplishment. So, lace up and dive into the unique blend of sport and culture this event provides.

Wade Mountain Half Marathon

Location: Huntsville, AL
Date: October

The Wade Mountain Half Marathon is an adventurer’s dream. Set in North Alabama’s wild, it promises thrill and unparalleled beauty. Starting at the mountain’s base, every step is a revelation. Diverse terrains challenge, while scenic vistas reward.

Elevation changes test runners, ensuring an engaging route. However, it’s not solely about the challenge. The surrounding nature captivates, with trails showcasing Alabama’s biodiversity.

Post-race, the sense of achievement is profound. Coupled with nature’s serenity, it creates a rejuvenating experience. But Wade Mountain’s allure doesn’t end there. The surrounding area beckons exploration. Rich in flora and fauna, it’s a haven for nature lovers. Every visit promises new discoveries and lasting memories.

In essence, the Wade Mountain Half Marathon is a celebration. It combines athleticism with nature’s grandeur seamlessly. So, prepare for a journey where every mile narrates an unforgettable tale.

Sea Turtle Half Marathon

Location: Gulf Shores, AL
Date: February

Set against the coastal charm of Alabama, the Sea Turtle Half Marathon is a journey of beauty and endurance. With every mile, the Gulf’s shimmering views captivate runners. Starting near pristine beaches, the race offers a unique seaside experience. Soft sands and gentle breezes accompany participants, setting a serene tone.

The course, mostly flat, is inviting for all. Beginners can ease in, while seasoned runners can chase their records. Moreover, the rhythmic sound of waves offers a natural, calming soundtrack. Transitioning from beach to town, the route encapsulates coastal life beautifully.

But there’s a deeper purpose here. Named after the majestic sea turtles, the event often raises awareness. These creatures, both magnificent and vulnerable, deserve attention and protection. Consequently, the race often becomes a platform for conservation efforts.

Post-race, the beach vibe continues. Celebrations ensue with food, music, and camaraderie. The sense of community is evident, echoing the spirit of the marathon.

To sum up, the Sea Turtle Half Marathon is not just a race. It’s an ode to nature, community, and the tranquil beauty of the Alabama coast. Gear up and join a race that promises more than just a finish line. It promises memories and a meaningful impact.

We Run This Beach Half Marathon

Location: Gulf Shores, AL
Date: February

The We Run This Beach Half Marathon is Alabama’s coastal running jewel. Set in Gulf Shores, it’s an escape into nature’s lap. The race kicks off near Gulf State Park Lodge, oozing scenic charm. Pancake-flat paved paths promise a smooth journey, ideal for every runner.

Glistening views of Lake Shelby accompany participants, elevating the experience. Chip timing ensures precision, marking splits at the 10K point. For marathon enthusiasts, this is a perfect warm-up.

However, it’s not solely about the race. The post-race beach party is a highlight, melding achievement with celebration on sandy beaches. Food, music, and drinks galore, making every finish truly festive.

With average temperatures between 46F and 66F, the conditions are ideal. In essence, this half marathon offers more than miles. It’s an experience—a blend of athletic challenge, scenic beauty, and beachside celebration. Ready, set, go and let the shores of Alabama guide your stride!

Race to the Cave Half Marathon

Location: Woodville, AL
Date: March

Tucked away in Alabama’s picturesque landscapes, the Race to the Cave Half Marathon is an exhilarating experience. Beginning in the open countryside, the intrigue grows with every step. The course, both challenging and scenic, takes participants on a memorable journey.

Twisting trails and undulating terrains keep runners engaged. Yet, it’s the race’s unique destination that truly captivates: a majestic cave. This natural wonder, with its stalactites and echoes, offers a finish line like no other.

However, the allure doesn’t stop there. Along the way, the diverse Alabama ecosystems enchant runners. From dense woodlands to meandering streams, nature showcases its finest. After the race, the exploration continues. The cave’s mysteries beckon, offering a cool, serene retreat. It’s a moment to reflect, to celebrate, and to soak in nature’s marvels.

In summary, the Race to the Cave Half Marathon is more than a run. It’s an adventure, a communion with nature, and a testament to the surprises Alabama’s landscapes hold. Prepare to be amazed, one stride at a time.

Run the Circle Half Marathon

Location: Dothan, AL
Date: October

Stepping into the heart of Alabama’s scenic wonders, the Run the Circle Half Marathon is a testament to natural beauty and human endurance. Beginning in a tranquil setting, participants are immediately embraced by a circle of nature’s best offerings. As the name suggests, this race provides a circular journey, capturing the essence of Alabama’s landscapes.

Gentle rolling hills challenge the runners, testing stamina and resolve. Alongside, serene lakes shimmer, birds serenade, and trees stand tall as silent spectators. The looped course ensures familiarity, yet each mile holds a fresh perspective, a new discovery.

Transitioning from open meadows to wooded canopies, the diversity is evident. Shadows play, sunlight filters, and every bend in the trail tells a story. The continuity of the circle offers both comfort and motivation, a constant reminder of the journey’s beginning and end.

Post-race, the circle becomes a space of celebration. Stories of the trail, achievements, and future aspirations are shared. With refreshments, laughter, and camaraderie, the circle of runners becomes a community.

To conclude, the Run the Circle Half Marathon isn’t just about covering 13.1 miles. It’s about completing a circle of experience, challenge, nature, and community. Dive in, run the circle, and embrace the encompassing journey it promises.

Magic City Half Marathon

Location: Birmingham, AL
Date: November

In the heart of Alabama’s vibrant metropolis, the Magic City Half Marathon emerges as an urban running spectacle. Bursting from Birmingham’s bustling streets, this race captures the spirit and energy of the city fondly termed the “Magic City”. As runners lace up, the city’s historical architecture and modern skyline merge to form a unique backdrop.

The course itself is a testament to Birmingham’s evolution. Runners glide past iconic landmarks, each narrating tales of the city’s rich past and promising future. Steel factories transform into art hubs; old railways echo with lively banter. Yet, amidst the urban beats, pockets of greenery offer tranquil respites.

Furthermore, the relatively flat terrain coupled with cool weather makes it a favorite among both novices and elites. Quick turns through districts, the murmurs of cheering crowds, and the eclectic mix of nature and urbanity keep spirits high.

Once the finish line nears, the city’s magic becomes palpable. Celebrations erupt with music, food, and shared stories of the road. It’s a post-race fiesta where joy, accomplishment, and Birmingham’s magic intertwine.

In essence, the Magic City Half Marathon is more than a run. It’s an urban adventure, a dance of history and modernity, and a showcase of Birmingham’s enchanting spirit. Join in, feel the magic, and let the city’s heartbeat guide your pace.


Alabama, with its rich landscapes and history, offers a collection of half marathons that are nothing short of spectacular. From the sun-kissed beaches of Gulf Shores to the bustling streets of Birmingham, each race tells its own story. These routes meander through iconic landmarks, dense forests, and along serene rivers. They present both a challenge and a visual feast for every runner. It’s not just about the adrenaline rush of the race. It’s also about soaking in the Southern hospitality, the cheering crowds, and the post race celebrations that capture the state’s vibrant spirit. For seasoned runners and beginners alike, Alabama’s half marathons promise a perfect blend of athletic challenge and cultural immersion. Dive in, feel the rhythm of each stride, and let Alabama’s charm sweep you off your feet, one half marathon at a time. Happy running!

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