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Half Marathons in New Hampshire for running races

New Hampshire, with its scenic beauty and varied landscapes, is a runner’s dream. Nestled among the Northeast’s most picturesque states, it boasts marathon races that promise an unforgettable experience. From lakeside routes to mountainous terrains, each race presents a unique running challenge, captivating both novice and veteran marathoners.

Furthermore, the Granite State’s marathons aren’t just about the physical run. They’re a journey through history, culture, and nature. As runners pace through quaint towns, they’re treated to New Hampshire’s rich colonial past, with historic landmarks dotting the courses.

Transitioning from the urban to the wild, the state’s natural beauty is unrivaled. Autumn marathons, in particular, offer a tapestry of colors, with the fall foliage painting the trails in fiery hues of orange, yellow, and red. It’s a spectacle that makes the miles fly by, leaving runners in awe of their surroundings.

Lastly, what sets New Hampshire marathons apart is the incredible sense of community. Each race becomes a celebration, with locals cheering on from the sidelines, fostering an atmosphere of encouragement and unity. It’s this blend of beauty, history, and community spirit that makes marathoning in New Hampshire an absolute must-do for every runner.

Clarence DeMar Half Marathon

Location: Keene, NH
Date: September

The Clarence DeMar Half Marathon stands as a tribute to one of America’s legendary long distance runners. Starting in Keene, New Hampshire, the course offers participants a journey through a blend of urban and rural settings. As racers take their first steps, they’re introduced to the historic architecture of Keene’s downtown. The early miles pass through charming city streets, lined with colonial-era homes and brick buildings.

Transitioning from the urban environment, the course then takes participants into serene countryside settings. Here, runners are enveloped by lush forests and rolling hills. The changing elevation offers both challenges and relief, making the race engaging. Occasionally, picturesque farms and open fields appear, giving glimpses of New Hampshire’s agrarian heritage and beauty.

Further into the race, the Ashuelot River becomes a prominent feature. The river’s shimmering waters flow alongside the course, offering scenic views and a calming ambiance. At times, runners cross wooden bridges, getting an up-close experience of the river’s gentle flow. The rhythmic sounds of water, combined with the rustling leaves, provide a tranquil backdrop to the rigorous physical challenge.

As the race nears its end, participants find themselves looping back towards Keene. The final stretch re-introduces the urban environment, signaling the culmination of their journey. The diverse landscapes of city and countryside, paired with the historical significance of the event, make the Clarence DeMar Half Marathon a memorable experience for all runners.

New England Half Marathon

Location: Concord, NH
Date: October

The New England Half Marathon is a scenic showcase of New Hampshire’s picturesque landscapes. Commencing at the iconic New Hampshire Motor Speedway in Loudon, runners embark on a journey that encapsulates the region’s natural beauty. The course’s initial stretch offers a flat and fast start, allowing participants to find their rhythm amidst the expansive views of the racetrack.

Venturing out from the speedway, participants are soon greeted by a blend of quaint farmlands and dense woodlands. As they progress, the verdant canopy of trees provides shade and a sense of serenity. These tranquil surroundings, coupled with gentle rolling hills, give the race a balanced mix of challenge and charm. The route’s undulations ensure that runners remain engaged, while also providing moments of respite.

As miles accumulate, the Merrimack River comes into view. This shimmering waterway, a staple of New Hampshire’s geography, adds a refreshing touch to the course. Runners follow the river’s bends and curves, enjoying its tranquil presence. The river’s serene ambiance is a soothing contrast to the physical demands of the race.

Concluding in the vibrant city of Concord, the final miles of the marathon reintroduce the urban environment. The course winds through historic streets, leading to the finish line in the heart of the city. The juxtaposition of natural landscapes with urban settings makes the New England Half Marathon a diverse and unforgettable running experience.

Wallis Sands Half Marathon

Location: Rye, NH
Date: April

The Wallis Sands Half Marathon stands out for its captivating coastal views along New Hampshire’s shoreline. Beginning in the town of Rye, runners are immediately treated to a course that flaunts the region’s scenic charm. In the early miles, the route winds through quiet neighborhoods, offering a peaceful and inviting start to the journey.

Further on, the course transitions to showcase the iconic Wallis Sands State Beach. As participants approach the beach, the sound of crashing waves becomes the race’s natural soundtrack. Running adjacent to the shoreline, runners are gifted panoramic views of the vast Atlantic Ocean. The rhythmic sound of the waves and the salty air invigorates and inspires each stride.

As the race continues, the course explores the neighboring seacoast towns. Here, the blend of historical homes and seaside views paints a picturesque backdrop for the mid-section of the race. Each turn reveals another glimpse of New England’s coastal allure, from sandy beaches to rocky outcroppings.

Closing in on the final miles, the race circles back towards Wallis Sands. The rejuvenating ocean breeze pushes runners towards the finish line, which awaits back in Rye. After navigating the diverse landscapes, participants can bask in the accomplishment of completing a half marathon that perfectly encapsulates New Hampshire’s seaside splendor.

Bear Brook Trail Half Marathon

Location: Allenstown, NH
Date: September

The Bear Brook Trail Half Marathon is a unique adventure that dives deep into New Hampshire’s wilderness. Set in Bear Brook State Park, the race presents a dynamic trail experience. Initially, runners are introduced to a lush forest landscape. Tall trees tower overhead, and the path is carpeted with a mixture of leaves and pine needles.

Soon after, the terrain begins to shift. The trails become more technical, challenging participants with roots, rocks, and occasional muddy patches. However, amidst these challenges, there are stretches of smooth single-track trails, allowing runners to find their rhythm and enjoy the natural serenity around them. Throughout the course, sporadic clearings provide glimpses of the park’s varied habitats and water bodies.

Elevation also plays a role in this half marathon. As runners navigate the winding trails, they’ll encounter a blend of ascents and descents. These hillier sections test endurance, but also reward with captivating vantage points. From certain heights, one can appreciate the vast expanse of the forested park, making the climbs well worth the effort.

Towards the race’s conclusion, the trail offers a series of downhill stretches, leading runners back to the start. After navigating the park’s diverse terrains and elevations, participants are met with a sense of accomplishment. The Bear Brook Trail Half Marathon isn’t just a race; it’s a journey through New Hampshire’s captivating wilderness.

Seacoast Half Marathon

Location: Portsmouth, NH
Date: October

The Seacoast Half Marathon showcases the picturesque beauty of New Hampshire’s coastline. Beginning in historic Portsmouth, the race takes runners on a scenic journey. First, participants wind through the charming streets of the city. Quaint shops and historic buildings create an inviting backdrop, offering a glimpse into the area’s rich past.

As runners exit the city limits, the landscape transitions. They’re soon met with sweeping views of the Atlantic coastline. Gentle ocean breezes accompany the athletes as the rhythmic sound of waves crashing offers a serene soundtrack. The course then weaves through seaside neighborhoods, where spectators often cheer from their front yards, adding to the event’s community feel.

Further along, the route ventures onto quiet coastal roads. Here, the expansive views of salt marshes and tidal inlets take center stage. This section is not only visually stunning but also relatively flat, allowing runners to maintain a consistent pace and enjoy the surrounding beauty. Bird enthusiasts might spot various seabirds taking flight or hunting in the marshy expanses.

The final stretch brings participants back towards Portsmouth. As the finish line draws near, the vibrant energy of the city begins to build. Runners are greeted with the applause of waiting spectators and the satisfaction of having experienced one of New Hampshire’s most scenic coastal routes. The Seacoast Half Marathon is a celebration of both athletic endurance and natural beauty.

Smuttynose Rockfest Half Marathon

Location: Hampton, NH
Date: October

The Smuttynose Rockfest Half Marathon is a captivating race set in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire. The course captures the essence of coastal charm. It kicks off near the iconic Hampton Beach Casino, immediately setting a vibrant tone. From the start, the salty air and sound of waves hitting the shore accompany runners, hinting at the scenic route ahead.

Next, participants venture along Ocean Boulevard. This stretch treats runners to uninterrupted views of the vast Atlantic Ocean. On one side, the expansive beach showcases families playing and surfers catching waves. On the other, quaint coastal homes line the streets, reminding runners of the community’s welcoming spirit. The flat terrain of this section allows athletes to settle into a comfortable rhythm early on.

After the coastal run, the course meanders through quiet back roads and residential neighborhoods. Trees provide occasional shade, offering a respite from the sun’s rays. The cheering of local residents can be heard, bringing bursts of motivation. As runners navigate these roads, they get a true sense of Hampton Beach’s character, blending natural beauty with hometown pride.

The race concludes by returning to the energetic atmosphere of the main beach area. With the finish line in sight, the festive vibe of the Rockfest encourages runners to push through the final meters. Music, cheering crowds, and the ocean horizon create a memorable backdrop, marking the Smuttynose Rockfest Half Marathon as a must-do event for both seasoned and novice runners.

CHEAP Half Marathon

Location: Derry, NH
Date: April

The CHEAP Half Marathon, as its name suggests, offers an affordable running experience while still delivering a fulfilling course. Set in Salisbury, New Hampshire, this race combines simplicity with the natural beauty of the region. From the starting line, runners are immediately embraced by a serene, rural setting. This race, devoid of the frills of larger marathons, focuses solely on the pure joy of running.

As participants progress, they traverse a mixture of paved roads and gentle trails. These paths wind through picturesque farmlands and wooded areas. The landscape is dotted with traditional New England homes and barns, showcasing the area’s rich history. Trees line the route, providing both shade and a tranquil atmosphere. The chirping of birds and the soft rustling of leaves accompany runners, making it a sensory treat.

Around the midpoint, the course offers sweeping views of the nearby lakes. Their calm waters reflect the skies, adding a layer of peace to the experience. Gentle rolling hills challenge runners occasionally, but these inclines also reward with panoramic vistas of the surrounding countryside. The mix of terrains keeps runners engaged, making every mile distinct.

As the finish line nears, the energy of fellow participants and cheering locals builds up. The sense of community is palpable, proving that a race doesn’t need a hefty price tag to offer a rich experience. The CHEAP Half Marathon is truly a celebration of running, nature, and community spirit.

Great Bay Half Marathon

Location: Newmarket, NH
Date: April

The Great Bay Half Marathon, held in the quaint town of Newmarket, New Hampshire, is a scenic race that showcases the beauty of the Seacoast region. From the get-go, runners are treated to a mix of historic sites and natural landscapes. Beginning in the heart of downtown, the course winds past centuries-old mills, evoking the town’s industrial past. The initial miles set the tone, combining urban charm with the anticipation of nature’s splendor ahead.

As the race unfolds, participants journey towards the namesake of the event: the Great Bay. Here, the course offers picturesque views of the expansive tidal estuary. The shimmering waters, dotted with islands and surrounded by marshlands, provide a serene backdrop. Meanwhile, the gentle sounds of nature, from the distant calls of waterfowl to the rustling reeds, fill the air.

Venturing further, the route passes through a combination of country roads and well-maintained trails. These paths meander through woodlands and open fields, giving runners a taste of New Hampshire’s diverse landscapes. Along the way, the terrain presents some rolling hills, adding a mild challenge and keeping participants engaged.

As the finish line draws near, the energy of the race peaks. Runners re-enter the vibrant downtown area, cheered on by supportive locals and fellow racers. The culmination of the Great Bay Half Marathon is not just a physical achievement but also a celebration of the region’s beauty and community spirit.

Loco Half Marathon

Location: Newmarket, NH
Date: October

The Loco Half Marathon, set in the scenic town of Newmarket, New Hampshire, promises runners an unforgettable journey through New England’s natural beauty. Starting at the local high school, participants are immediately introduced to the quiet charm of the town. As they embark on their run, the course meanders through peaceful suburban streets, allowing runners to ease into the race while admiring local architecture.

Gradually, the suburban scenes give way to more rustic landscapes. Runners find themselves traveling along serene country roads, surrounded by vast expanses of farmlands and fields. Especially during the fall season, the foliage showcases a breathtaking palette of reds, oranges, and yellows. This makes for a visually spectacular and motivating backdrop as participants tackle the middle miles of their journey.

As the course continues, it presents gentle hills, typical of New England’s terrain. The rolling hills offer both challenges and rewards. They test the endurance of runners, but also provide panoramic views of the surrounding countryside, making every ascent worthwhile. The natural beauty is a constant companion, with sights like sparkling ponds and dense woodlands keeping spirits high.

Approaching the conclusion of the race, runners loop back toward the high school, retracing a portion of the initial route. The familiarity of the final stretch, paired with the enthusiastic cheers from spectators, boosts energy levels. The Loco Half Marathon thus concludes on a high note, celebrating both the journey and the destination.

Manchester City Half Marathon

Location: Manchester, NH
Date: November

The Manchester City Half Marathon is a treasured event that showcases the vibrant spirit and scenic beauty of Manchester, New Hampshire. Starting in the heart of the city, the race kicks off near the Merrimack River, providing runners with a picturesque view right from the start. The early miles wind through the city’s historic downtown, allowing participants to admire iconic landmarks and bustling streets filled with cheering supporters.

Transitioning from the urban landscape, the course then leads runners into quieter residential areas. Here, they navigate tree-lined streets and quaint neighborhoods. This change in scenery offers a refreshing contrast and a moment of tranquility amidst the challenging endeavor. The friendly faces of local residents, some offering words of encouragement, add a personal touch to this stretch of the race.

Further along, they are introduced to the serene beauty of Derryfield Park. This lush, green expanse serves as a rejuvenating oasis for runners, with its gentle trails and expansive views. The park’s natural terrain, with its gentle undulations, poses a rewarding challenge and offers a chance to connect with nature in the midst of a city-based race.

Drawing towards the finish, the route circles back to the bustling energy of downtown Manchester. As buildings grow taller and crowds thicker, runners are infused with a final burst of adrenaline. Crossing the finish line, participants are enveloped in a euphoric blend of accomplishment and the city’s infectious energy, making the Manchester City Half Marathon a memorable race for all.


In reflection, New Hampshire’s marathons are more than just races; they’re transformative experiences. The state’s routes, drenched in natural beauty and history, offer runners not just a challenge, but a story. Every mile tells tales of the past, and with each step, participants become a part of that narrative.

Moreover, it’s not merely the scenic views or historic landmarks that linger in one’s memory. It’s the warmth of the community, the strangers cheering you on, the camaraderie among fellow runners. These human connections, forged amidst the shared challenge of the marathon, are invaluable.

Additionally, as the finish line approaches and the sense of accomplishment sets in, one realizes the growth. Both physically and mentally, New Hampshire’s marathons push runners, allowing them to discover untapped reservoirs of strength and resilience.

In the end, while medals and timings are the tangible takeaways, the real rewards lie in the journey itself. The friendships made, the sights witnessed, the barriers broken – these are the treasures that make marathoning in New Hampshire truly special. So, lace up and let the Granite State’s marathons carve an indelible mark on your runner’s soul. Happy running!

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