Best Half Marathons in Connecticut

Half Marathons in Connecticut for Running Races

In the heart of New England, Connecticut is a fusion of history, nature, and coastal allure. For runners, this state presents an array of half marathon races that promise both challenge and beauty. Picture winding through historic towns with colonial architecture, or running alongside the serene Connecticut River flowing gracefully through the landscape.

Moreover, the state’s undulating terrain, from its coastal stretches to the hilly inland, provides an ever-changing backdrop for every runner. Each half marathon, meticulously organized and thoughtfully routed, paints a vivid portrait of Connecticut’s rich heritage and natural splendor.

Furthermore, as we navigate through these 13.1-mile adventures, the camaraderie and spirit of the local running community shine through. Enthusiastic cheers, invaluable support, and post-race celebrations mark the essence of Connecticut’s running culture.

As we set forth on this exploration of Connecticut’s top half marathons, prepare for a journey of discovery. With every mile, a new story, a new vista, and a new memory await. Dive in and let Connecticut’s half marathon adventures unfold before you!

Eversource Hartford Half Marathon

Location: Hartford, CT
Date: October

The Eversource Hartford Half Marathon is a much-anticipated event in Connecticut’s capital. Each year, the city’s streets come alive, humming with the sound of pounding feet and cheering spectators. This race offers an unbeatable combination of urban energy and scenic splendor, becoming an annual highlight for many.

Starting in downtown Hartford, runners immediately feel the vibrant pulse of the city. Historic architecture, with iconic structures such as the State Capitol, loom majestically overhead. Meanwhile, the route unfolds, bringing a captivating mix of cityscapes and riverfront vistas. The Connecticut River’s glistening waters often serve as a serene backdrop, especially during the morning’s golden hours.

As participants continue, they transition into the city’s picturesque park system. There, tree-lined paths offer a refreshing shade, especially during warmer days. The course also graces Elizabeth Park’s rose gardens, which boosts runners’ spirits with bursts of color and fragrance.

In the concluding miles, the cityscape re-emerges. The skyline acts as a beacon, guiding runners towards the exhilarating finish line. At the end, they celebrate their personal achievements and also Hartford’s unique blend of natural beauty and urban charm.

Mystic Half Marathon

Location: Mystic, CT
Date: May

Mystic, Connecticut, known for its maritime charm, hosts the splendid Mystic Half Marathon. This race is a celebration of New England’s coastal beauty, offering runners a picturesque journey through history. Participants flock to this event, drawn in by seaside views and a course interwoven with tales of the past.

From the starting line, runners are greeted by the iconic Mystic Seaport. This living history museum, with its tall ships and historic buildings, provides a sense of journeying back in time. The route then winds through the quaint streets of Mystic, where colonial-era homes whisper stories of seafaring adventures.

Soon after, the course showcases the Mystic River’s serene views. As the miles tick by, runners enjoy the ever-changing reflections on the water, with boats floating peacefully. This tranquil setting is interspersed with sections that meander through lush green landscapes and quiet neighborhoods.

As the race nears its end, the Mystic Aquarium comes into view, home to a delightful array of marine life. The finish line, with the gentle sound of water in the background, brings a sense of accomplishment. Participants leave with memories of a scenic route, filled with maritime wonders and historic charm.

John and Jessie Kelley Half Marathon

Location: New London, CT
Date: August

The John and Jessie Kelley Half Marathon is named in honor of a legendary running couple. It holds a special place in Connecticut’s racing scene. It stands as a tribute to their contributions to the sport, making the race a sentimental journey for many. Both John and Jessie have left behind a legacy that resonates deeply with the local running community.

From the outset, participants embark on a course that’s a blend of scenic beauty and challenging terrain. The initial miles are relatively flat, weaving through picturesque streets, where the charm of New England architecture is on display. Next, the landscape transitions, presenting runners with rolling hills, reminding them of John’s famous training routines.

Midway, the course opens up to provide breathtaking views of Long Island Sound. The shimmering waters and distant horizons create a tranquil backdrop, allowing runners to find their rhythm amidst nature’s beauty. Here, it’s easy to imagine Jessie’s graceful strides during her training days.

Concluding the race, participants are greeted with a community that shares a deep respect for the Kelley legacy. Completing the half marathon isn’t just about personal achievement. It’s also about honoring two individuals who profoundly impacted the world of running. The race remains a testament to their love for the sport and the community they inspired.

Hamden Fest Half Marathon

Location: Hamden, CT
Date: June

Hamden Fest Half Marathon is an anticipated annual event in the vibrant town of Hamden. Drawing locals and visitors alike, this race showcases the community spirit and the town’s picturesque landscapes. Every year, participants eagerly lace up their shoes, ready to take on this distinctive course.

The race kicks off in Hamden’s bustling downtown. Early on, runners navigate through the town’s historic streets, where quaint shops and cozy cafes line the sidewalks. A gentle buzz from spectators provides that initial boost, making the first few miles fly by with ease.

However, as participants delve deeper into the course, they’re introduced to Hamden’s more natural beauty. Meandering trails, shaded by tall trees, become the dominant scene. Every twist and turn through these serene pathways offer glimpses of local wildlife and lush greenery. These trails are a gentle reminder of Hamden’s commitment to preserving its green spaces.

Approaching the finish line, the course loops back to the heart of the town. The palpable energy from the fest activities gives that final push, urging runners to finish strong. Crossing the finish line at the Hamden Fest Half Marathon is both an athletic accomplishment and an immersive experience into what makes Hamden so special.

Hogsback Half Marathon

Location: Colebrook, CT
Date: September

Hogsback Half Marathon:

Hogsback Half Marathon is an adventure through Connecticut’s scenic countryside. Every year, this event attracts both seasoned racers and newcomers, all eager to experience the unique terrain and ambiance. Every mile offers something different, setting the stage for a memorable run.

Beginning in the quaint town of Colebrook, the course invites participants into a landscape of rolling hills and dense woodlands. The start is marked by an upbeat atmosphere. Locals cheer and wave, creating an infectious enthusiasm that stays with runners throughout. Soon, the urban setting fades, giving way to nature’s wonders.

The middle miles meander alongside the West Branch of the Farmington River. Here, the glistening waters serve as a tranquil backdrop. The gentle sound of flowing water combines with the rhythmic patter of feet on the asphalt, creating a meditative experience. This stretch is a favorite, providing a refreshing respite and views of local wildlife.

As the end nears, runners loop back towards Colebrook. Transitioning from the river’s edge, the course takes on a few more hills, challenging even the most seasoned participants. Yet, the promise of crossing that finish line, surrounded by cheering spectators, pushes everyone forward. The Hogsback Half Marathon isn’t just about endurance; it’s a journey through some of Connecticut’s most captivating sights.

UConn Health Half Marathon

Location: Simsbury, CT
Date: June

Located in Farmington, Connecticut, the UConn Health Half Marathon showcases a blend of the region’s natural beauty and urban charm. A staple in the local running community, this race boasts a course that both challenges and inspires participants.

Kicking off at UConn Health’s sprawling campus, participants immediately get a sense of the institution’s commitment to wellness. The route then quickly opens up to the picturesque streets of Farmington. Runners see a mix of modern buildings and historic architecture, a visual testament to the town’s rich history.

Further along, the course introduces runners to a series of trails. Participants meander through wooded areas and alongside pristine lakes, interspersed with bursts of local flora and fauna. The rustling leaves and chirping birds become a natural soundtrack to their journey.

Approaching the final miles, the terrain offers a few gentle hills as a test of endurance. Yet, the collective energy of fellow runners and roadside supporters fuels a resilient spirit. As participants cross the finish line back at the UConn Health campus, they’re not just completing a race. They’re celebrating an experience that intertwines athleticism, community, and the enchantment of Farmington’s landscapes.

Gulf Beach Half Marathon

Location: Milford, CT
Date: September

Located in Milford, Connecticut, the Gulf Beach Half Marathon highlights the stunning coastal landscapes of the Northeast. Kicking off near Gulf Beach, runners immediately face a breathtaking expanse of the Long Island Sound. The cool breeze and rhythmic waves set a serene race backdrop.

Following the coastline, the course weaves through scenic neighborhoods, boasting views of traditional New England homes. Around mile 4, participants transition onto the Silver Sands State Park Boardwalk. Here, the wooden path offers a smooth, flat terrain amidst tidal marshes and bird sightings.

Afterward, the route leads inland, showcasing Milford’s diverse landscapes. Tree-lined streets intertwine with glimpses of saltwater estuaries, offering both shade and scenery. As runners approach mile 8, they rejoin the coast, capturing the shimmering horizon once more.

The final miles test endurance with gentle inclines. However, the promise of finishing along the sandy Gulf Beach propels runners forward. In the end, they’re rewarded with panoramic views of the Sound, culminating an immersive journey through Milford’s coastal treasures.

Colchester Half Marathon

Location: Colchester, CT
Date: February

Set in historic Colchester, Connecticut, this half marathon promises runners a delightful blend of New England charm and varied terrain. Starting at Bacon Academy, the course takes participants on a picturesque journey through the town’s rustic landscapes.

Initially, runners experience the serene, residential areas of Colchester, marked by colonial-style homes and ancient oaks. As they move on, the path takes a rustic turn. By mile 3, participants tread upon rolling country roads, surrounded by sprawling farms and distant hills.

Transitioning around mile 6, the race introduces steeper challenges. A series of hills presents a test of stamina, but atop each incline are views of the town’s lush greenery. The sight of pristine lakes, especially at the halfway mark, provides a refreshing reprieve.

Descending towards the finish, the course becomes more forgiving. Runners pass iconic landmarks, like the town green, reenergizing their spirits. The final stretch, back to the academy, is lined with cheering locals, for a memorable end to a diverse and scenic race.

Sono Half Marathon

Location: South Norwalk, CT
Date: October

The Sono Half Marathon, set in vibrant South Norwalk, is a stunning race that captures the coastal essence. This event offers runners a scenic tour of the town’s diverse landscapes and urban energy.

Right from the start, the course immerses runners in Norwalk’s bustling streets. Historical architectures seamlessly merge with modern shops, providing both a visual and cultural treat. The initial miles are fairly flat, allowing participants to find their stride amidst the town’s maritime spirit.

Around mile 5, runners approach the coastline, greeted by breathtaking views of the Long Island Sound. Tranquil marinas and elegant boardwalks dot this stretch. The rhythmic crashing of waves and distant calls of seabirds serve as nature’s soundtrack, inspiring deeper strides and steady rhythms.

As participants loop back towards downtown, there’s a gradual shift from coastal serenity to urban energy. The route showcases Norwalk’s artsy districts, with murals and art installations accentuating the journey. Finally, the race culminates with the downtown’s electrifying vibe, where local supporters and lively music create a celebratory atmosphere. It marks the perfect end to the 13.1-mile adventure.

Cheshire Half Marathon

Location: Cheshire, CT
Date: April

Cheshire, a town known for its verdant charm, hosts the Cheshire Half Marathon, which perfectly marries nature and neighborhood vibes. Participants embark on a 13.1-mile journey that truly highlights the region’s natural splendor.

Initially, the route threads through Cheshire’s serene residential areas. Tree-lined streets, punctuated by classic New England homes, set the stage for a picturesque start. Here, runners enjoy gentle inclines, allowing them to comfortably adjust to the race’s rhythm.

By mile 4, the course leads towards Cheshire’s renowned parks and greenways. As the trail weaves amidst lush foliage, the ambiance becomes calming, with dappled sunlight filtering through the trees. The subtle rustle of leaves and distant chirping of birds amplify the serene experience, propelling runners forward.

Emerging from the wooded canopy, the landscape opens up to reveal the town’s pristine water bodies. The shimmering reflections of surrounding landscapes create a mesmerizing visual as participants traverse these waterside stretches.

Concluding miles reintroduce the urban environment, where local residents cheer, infusing energy into tired legs. As the finish line nears, the community spirit and nature create an unforgettable end to the Cheshire Half Marathon.


As we cross the finish line of our Connecticut half marathon journey, the state’s offerings leave a lasting impression. From the rustic charm of countryside routes to the historic significance of town trails, each race has left its mark. Moreover, beyond the physical challenge of the 13.1 miles, lies the heart and spirit of the Nutmeg State.

Additionally, the memories forged along these paths resonate deeply. They tell tales of personal triumphs, newfound friendships, and the magic of Connecticut’s diverse landscapes. Furthermore, the unwavering support from spectators and the dedication of organizers elevate every race experience.

In reflection, our tour has not only celebrated Connecticut’s premier half marathons but also its vibrant running community. As the sun sets on this chapter, the inspiration drawn from these races lingers.

So, with gratitude in our hearts and running shoes well-worn, we part ways. Here’s to the miles covered, the stories shared, and the adventures that lie ahead. Until our next running escapade, keep Connecticut’s spirit alive with every stride.

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