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Marathons in Maryland for running races

Maryland, fondly known as the Free State, beckons marathoners with its diverse terrains and rich history. A runner’s paradise, it boasts race routes that traverse coastal regions, urban centers, and rolling countryside alike. Undoubtedly, the blend of natural beauty and man-made marvels enhances every stride. Additionally, the state’s moderate climate often makes for comfortable running conditions, boosting its reputation among enthusiasts.

Starting in Baltimore, the state’s vibrant heart, marathons trace the city’s historic neighborhoods and waterfront. Moreover, the bustling streets transition seamlessly to the tranquil shores of the Chesapeake Bay. Beyond the city, Annapolis and its maritime legacy offer another captivating marathon backdrop. Its picturesque streets, lined with colonial architecture, echo tales of yesteryears, making each mile a journey back in time.

Western Maryland introduces a different flavor to the marathon circuit. Here, the Appalachian Mountains stretch out, challenging runners with their undulating contours. Yet, the panoramic views from the peaks make every uphill battle worthwhile. Furthermore, the autumn marathons in this region are particularly breathtaking, as the foliage explodes in a riot of colors.

In essence, Maryland’s marathons encapsulate the state’s multifaceted charm. From urban skylines to serene landscapes, every route has its own story to tell. So, whether you’re a seasoned marathoner or a first-timer, Maryland promises an unforgettable experience. Lace up and let the Free State’s magic guide your journey.

Baltimore Running Festival Marathon

Location: Baltimore, MD
Date: October

The Baltimore Running Festival Marathon offers a scenic tour of Maryland’s historic city. It starts at the renowned Camden Yards downtown. From there, runners wind through Baltimore’s core, feeling the city’s vibrant pulse and rich past.

Next, the course showcases the famous Inner Harbor. The waterfront views here are breathtaking, setting a serene mood for the race. Following this, runners traverse several unique neighborhoods. These include Federal Hill, Fells Point, and Canton, each telling its own story with its architecture and local life.

Midway, there’s a challenge awaiting. The path climbs towards Lake Montebello. But reaching there, participants enjoy a flat stretch around the tranquil lake. Additionally, iconic spots like the Baltimore Zoo and Johns Hopkins University line the route, adding depth to the experience.

Toward the end, the marathon route loops back to the city center. The final miles are mainly downhill, giving tired legs a break. The finish line, located near the M&T Bank Stadium, greets runners with cheers and applause, capping off a memorable journey through Baltimore.

B&A Trail Marathon

Location: Severna Park, MD
Date: March

The B&A Trail Marathon offers a serene experience through Maryland’s Anne Arundel County. Beginning at Severna Park High School, it sets a tone of suburban charm. From there, participants enter the B&A Trail, named after the old Baltimore & Annapolis Railroad.

Upon entering, runners are embraced by a canopy of trees. The asphalt-paved path provides an even terrain, making it gentle on the feet. The route is primarily flat, with only subtle inclines and declines. As a result, many find it conducive for personal bests.

The trail is punctuated by scenic bridges, parks, and occasional towns. This not only brings visual relief but also offers glimpses into the area’s history. Around the halfway mark, runners reach the turnaround point at Marley Station Mall. This marks the journey back to the start, retracing the scenic path.

As miles accumulate, the calming nature of the trail becomes invaluable. Approaching the end, the cheers from the high school grow louder. It’s a motivating reminder that the finish, with its sense of accomplishment, awaits.

Salisbury Marathon

Location: Salisbury, MD
Date: April

The Salisbury Marathon kicks off in downtown Salisbury, Maryland’s historic heart. This city, rich in charm, offers runners a picturesque start. As participants progress, they’re met with a mix of urban landscapes and natural beauty. City streets smoothly transition to quieter, rural roads.

Venturing onward, the course takes runners across the Wicomico River. Here, they’re treated to serene water views. Additionally, as they move through neighborhoods, friendly locals often cheer, boosting spirits. Such support is emblematic of Salisbury’s tight-knit community.

By mid-race, runners experience the area’s natural beauty, especially in the city’s park system. Passing through wooded areas, the trail provides shade and tranquility. Even in these peaceful moments, well-marked paths ensure runners stay on course.

Finally, the marathon winds back to the city, culminating in a memorable finish downtown. The combination of urban and rural, nature and architecture, makes the Salisbury Marathon a unique and rewarding race for all participants.

George Washington’s Birthday Marathon

Location: Greenbelt, MD
Date: February

Every February, the George Washington Birthday Marathon takes center stage in Greenbelt, Maryland. This historic race celebrates the birth of America’s first president and offers participants a scenic tour of Prince George’s County. The race begins and ends at the Greenbelt Youth Center, an iconic starting point that sets the tone for the journey ahead. Runners are instantly immersed in the rich heritage of the area, as they embark on a course lined with historical markers and natural beauty.

The first few miles wind through Greenbelt Park, a National Park Service site. As runners tread its paths, they’re surrounded by dense woods and a peaceful ambiance, a fitting tribute to Washington’s legacy. The gentle undulations of the trail are both challenging and captivating, demanding focus while also offering picturesque views. Furthermore, the consistent presence of enthusiastic supporters throughout the park section adds a motivational boost.

Exiting the park, participants find themselves on a series of roads that showcase suburban Maryland. These streets provide a blend of residential areas and open spaces. Highlights include Buddy Attick Lake Park, where a serene lake view can distract from the accumulating miles. The course then leads participants past farmlands, highlighting the agricultural history intrinsic to the region.

As the marathon draws to a close, the final miles bring runners back towards the Greenbelt Youth Center. The return gives participants a sense of coming full circle, both in the race and in appreciating Washington’s impact on the nation. Upon crossing the finish line, the blend of accomplishment and historical reflection makes the George Washington Birthday Marathon an unforgettable experience.

Ocean City Running Festival Marathon

Location: Ocean City, MD
Date: October

Ocean City, Maryland, plays host to the Ocean City Running Festival Marathon, a much-anticipated event for runners nationwide. Set against the stunning backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean, the race promises breathtaking views as it spans the length of this famous beach town. Starting at the iconic Ocean City Inlet, participants kick off their marathon journey amidst the sound of crashing waves and the sight of the sun rising over the vast ocean expanse.

Initially, the course runs north, taking participants along the picturesque Ocean City Boardwalk. This wooden path, with its vibrant array of shops, eateries, and amusement venues, is a sensory delight. Moreover, the gentle hum of the early morning boardwalk activity spurs runners on. Leaving the boardwalk, the route ventures onto Coastal Highway, showcasing Ocean City’s charming neighborhoods and offering glimpses of the serene bay on the opposite side.

Midway, runners encounter the route’s highlight: the Isle of Wight Bay crossing. Here, they traverse a bridge that affords panoramic views of the bay’s shimmering waters, with marsh islands dotting the distance. It’s a captivating sight, a reminder of the natural beauty that Ocean City boasts. Post the bridge, the course winds through quiet residential areas, allowing participants a reprieve and moments of introspection as they cover more miles.

As the end nears, the marathon circles back to the southern tip of town. Drawing closer to the finish at the Inlet, the sound of cheering crowds and the scent of the sea invigorate tired limbs. Crossing the finish line, participants are met with a triumphant blend of personal accomplishment and the serene majesty of the Atlantic Ocean, culminating in a marathon experience that’s truly unforgettable.

Lock to Lock Marathon

Location: Williamsport, MD
Date: September

The Lock to Lock Marathon, as its name suggests, is a unique race that connects two significant lock landmarks. Starting at the first lock, participants are immediately introduced to a course rich in natural beauty and historic significance. The path is lined with verdant trees and, occasionally, views of the winding river peek through, reflecting the clear skies above.

As runners progress, they encounter a mix of terrains. There are stretches of well-maintained trails, interspersed with brief patches of paved roadways. Each turn and twist in the route offers a fresh perspective on the surrounding landscape. Furthermore, wooden bridges appear periodically, leading participants over gentle streams and offering moments of tranquility amidst the challenge.

Beyond the halfway point, the course dives deeper into the region’s history. Signs and markers detail the area’s past, and occasionally, remnants of old structures can be seen, adding to the nostalgic atmosphere. These historic touchpoints, combined with the natural surroundings, provide a balanced and immersive running experience that both invigorates and educates.

As the marathon reaches its climax, the second lock comes into view. A testament to engineering and history, it serves as a fitting endpoint to the race. When participants cross the finish line, they don’t just celebrate a personal achievement but also a journey through a course that intertwines nature, history, and sheer physical endeavor.

Western Maryland Rail Trail Marathon

Location: Hancock, MD
Date: October

Beginning in the heart of Western Maryland, the Rail Trail Marathon showcases the region’s rich history and scenic beauty. Runners embark on a course that, in its past life, witnessed the chug of locomotives and the whistles of trains. Now, the repurposed rail-to-trail provides a smooth, flat pathway, perfect for achieving personal bests. Tree canopies frequently cover the trail, casting cool shadows and framing azure patches of sky above.

As participants delve deeper into the course, they are met with the serene views of the Potomac River. The trail runs parallel to the water, offering sights of gentle ripples and the occasional kayaker. Moreover, historical markers dot the path, narrating tales of the bygone rail era. Runners can glimpse relics and remnants from the past, further enriching their marathon journey.

Beyond the river scenes, the route immerses runners in the expansive countryside. Here, the sounds of bustling towns fade, replaced by nature’s whispers and the rhythmic beat of shoes on the trail. Wildflowers, in hues of yellow, purple, and red, add splashes of color to the verdant landscape. Birdsong becomes a consistent soundtrack, encouraging runners forward.

Nearing the conclusion, the trail once again acknowledges its railroad roots. Historic train stations and refurbished depots serve as gentle reminders of the area’s rich past. As marathoners cross the finish line, they’re not only celebrating their athletic achievement but also taking a step back in time, all thanks to the transformative journey offered by the Western Maryland Rail Trail Marathon.

GAP Marathon

Location: Frostburg, MD
Date: September

Set amidst the iconic Great Allegheny Passage, the GAP Marathon treats runners to a breathtaking course spanning two states. Beginning in Pennsylvania, the race showcases a serene, crushed limestone trail built on former railway lines. This guarantees participants an even surface, making it easier on the legs and ideal for first-timers. Towering trees on either side provide shade and a sense of seclusion, enhancing the overall experience.

As runners progress, they encounter numerous historical landmarks, a nod to the region’s rich railroad heritage. Vintage train stations, rusty mile markers, and restored tunnels often catch the eye. Furthermore, beautiful wooden bridges span across gently flowing rivers, offering picturesque views and opportunities for reflection. The echoing sound of water and chirping birds accompany participants, infusing the air with tranquility.

Beyond the midpoint, the trail meanders into Maryland, introducing a slightly different landscape. Here, the lush forests give way to more open terrains, revealing vast meadows and rolling hills. The changing vistas add variety to the race, ensuring there’s always something new to capture one’s attention. Occasionally, small towns appear, providing a burst of energy and encouragement from local spectators.

Concluding the marathon, the trail circles back towards Pennsylvania, culminating in a rewarding finish surrounded by the beauty of the Appalachians. As participants cross that final line, they don’t just celebrate a physical achievement. They also honor the historical tapestry and natural wonders of the Great Allegheny Passage that made their journey truly memorable.

NCR Marathon

Location: Sparks Glencoe, MD
Date: November

The NCR Marathon unfolds along the scenic Northern Central Railroad Trail, commonly known as the NCR Trail. Starting in Maryland, this flat course offers participants a unique blend of nature and history. Originally a railroad corridor, the path now boasts a smooth, crushed stone surface. This ensures a relatively easy run, especially for those tackling their first marathon.

Journeying through the trail, runners are surrounded by dense canopies of trees, providing ample shade and serene views. Along the way, the Gunpowder River winds beside the path, its gentle murmurs accompanying the steady rhythm of footfalls. Every now and then, old train stations and relics from the railroad days emerge. They serve as subtle reminders of the trail’s storied past.

As miles pass, participants encounter charming wooden bridges, each offering panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. The setting remains predominantly rural, with glimpses of wildlife such as deer and birds. The peaceful ambiance is occasionally broken by enthusiastic supporters cheering from select points or small gathering spots along the trail.

Nearing the finish, a sense of accomplishment starts to build. After traversing through 26.2 miles of Maryland’s beautiful landscapes, runners cross the finish line, their spirits lifted by the natural beauty and history they’ve experienced. The NCR Marathon isn’t just a race; it’s a journey through time and nature.

Seneca Creek Greenway Marathon

Location: Grathersburg, MD
Date: March

The Seneca Creek Greenway Marathon immerses runners in the heart of Maryland’s natural beauty. Starting at Damascus Recreational Park, the course primarily follows the Seneca Creek Greenway Trail. The trail showcases a myriad of scenic landscapes, ranging from dense forests to open fields. In the beginning, participants can expect a gentle introduction as the trail meanders through wooded areas.

Moving forward, the course takes runners alongside the babbling Seneca Creek. The sound of the water, combined with the rustling leaves, creates a calming atmosphere. As the path unfolds, runners traverse several wooden bridges, providing glimpses of the creek below. Additionally, historic landmarks like old mills pepper the route, offering a touch of the region’s rich history.

As participants continue, the trail’s terrain varies between crushed stone, dirt, and some paved sections. While largely flat, there are a few moderate inclines that challenge stamina and determination. These rolling hills not only test endurance but also offer panoramic views of the surrounding countryside, a worthy reward for the effort.

Concluding at Seneca Creek State Park, runners feel a profound sense of accomplishment. The diverse landscapes, from shaded woodlands to sunlit meadows, offer an unforgettable experience. The Seneca Creek Greenway Marathon isn’t just about distance; it’s a celebration of nature’s grandeur.


As we conclude our exploration of Maryland’s marathons, the allure of the Free State’s races remains unmistakable. Every marathon here offers a unique blend of challenge and charm. Not only do the routes capture Maryland’s diverse landscapes, but they also highlight its rich cultural tapestry. Furthermore, the marathons are a testament to the state’s commitment to promoting fitness and fostering community.

The cheers of the locals, ever-present along the routes, reiterate Maryland’s warm spirit. From bustling Baltimore to the serene Appalachian trails, their encouragement fuels every runner. Additionally, the post-race celebrations, often infused with local cuisine and music, are a joyful reflection of Maryland’s vibrant culture. Indeed, crossing the finish line in any of these marathons is about more than just athletic achievement; it’s a rite of passage.

Beyond the individual races, it’s vital to acknowledge the organizations and volunteers that make them possible. Their dedication ensures that each marathon is not just an event, but an experience. Moreover, their efforts in prioritizing safety, sustainability, and inclusivity deserve special applause.

In wrapping up, Maryland’s marathons are truly a runner’s dream. Whether you’re drawn to the state’s history, its natural wonders, or the thrill of the race itself, Maryland beckons. Until we lace up for the next marathon journey in this enchanting state, may the memories of these races inspire every step. Here’s to more miles, more memories, and more Maryland marathons.

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