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Marathons in Minnesota for Running Races

Minnesota, often referred to as the “Land of 10,000 Lakes,” offers more than just picturesque water views. For runners, it provides a diverse array of marathon terrains and running challenges. From bustling city scapes to serene lakefront paths, every marathon race reveals a unique side of the state.

Moreover, the state’s varying climates add a unique twist to every race. Fall marathons, for instance, showcase a tapestry of autumnal hues, while spring events hint at the state’s rebirth. No matter the season, Minnesota promises a dynamic running experience.

Adding to the allure are the state’s well-organized events and spirited communities. Each marathon is a celebration, complete with cheering locals, enthusiastic volunteers, and unmatched Midwestern hospitality. It’s not just a race; it’s a communal festivity.

In essence, marathons in Minnesota offer more than just a physical challenge. They provide a deep dive into the state’s culture, landscape, and spirit. Every mile narrates a tale, waiting for runners to uncover.

Twin Cities Marathon

Location: St. Paul, MN
Date: October

The Twin Cities Marathon, often referred to as the “Most Beautiful Urban Marathon in America,” is a captivating race in Minnesota. Originating in downtown Minneapolis, runners start their journey near the iconic U.S. Bank Stadium. The early miles take participants through a blend of bustling city streets, where the towering skyscrapers form a stunning backdrop. As the city sounds fade, the course then heads south, offering runners views of four picturesque lakes.

Transitioning from city to scenic parkland, the route guides runners along the Chain of Lakes. Here, they’ll skirt the serene shores of Lake of the Isles, Lake Calhoun, Lake Harriet, and Lake Nokomis. These waterside stretches provide refreshing views and are often lined with enthusiastic spectators. The changing reflections of the sky on the water, combined with tree-lined paths, make for a visually stimulating experience.

After the lakes, runners cross the Mississippi River at the halfway point. This transition ushers them into Saint Paul territory. The landscape shifts slightly, introducing gentle, rolling hills that challenge and invigorate participants. As they wind through the neighborhoods of Saint Paul, the energy from community supporters is palpable, giving runners the much-needed motivation for the miles ahead.

The final stretch of the marathon is truly iconic. Runners head toward the magnificent State Capitol building, which marks the finish line. As they approach, the streets echo with the roars and cheers of the crowd, creating a thrilling atmosphere. Finishing the Twin Cities Marathon not only is an athletic feat but also offers an unparalleled tour of two vibrant cities and their stunning natural beauty.

Grandma’s Marathon

Location: Duluth, MN
Date: January

Grandma’s Marathon, hosted in Duluth, Minnesota, is a renowned race that captures the spirit of the North Shore. Beginning in Two Harbors, participants are immediately treated to breathtaking views of Lake Superior. The vastness of this Great Lake never fails to inspire, with its shimmering waters stretching out seemingly endless. Throughout the course, the lake remains a constant companion, providing runners with serene vistas that help take their minds off the miles.

As the race progresses, the course primarily follows the Scenic Highway 61. This route is relatively flat, making it approachable for both first-timers and seasoned marathoners. Every twist and turn of the road presents a new panorama of the lake and the rugged coastline. In addition, the route meanders through charming North Shore communities where locals come out in droves, cheering and supporting every runner with infectious enthusiasm.

Nearing Duluth, the landscape starts to change. The urban contours of the city begin to appear, and the Lake Superior backdrop becomes even more prominent. Runners cross over the iconic Lester River and Amity Creek, adding to the diverse tapestry of landscapes they experience. While the soothing sounds of nature get replaced with the buzz of the city, the enthusiasm and energy levels only amplify.

The grand finale of Grandma’s Marathon is a run through Canal Park in Duluth, culminating at the renowned Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge. As participants close in on the finish line, the roar of the crowd, combined with the sight of the massive bridge and the vast lake, creates a magical ending. After crossing the finish, runners can bask in their accomplishment, knowing they’ve completed one of the most scenic marathons in the United States.

Bemidji Blue Ox Marathon

Location: Bemidji, MN
Date: October

The Bemidji Blue Ox Marathon is a captivating race set in Bemidji, Minnesota, known for its picturesque surroundings. Starting in the heart of the city, runners embark on a course that offers a diverse blend of landscapes. Initially, the route takes participants through urban areas, showcasing Bemidji’s charming streets and local landmarks. The start is energetic, with local supporters lining the streets, infusing the atmosphere with palpable excitement.

Soon after, the marathon transitions to the serene shores of Lake Bemidji. Here, runners can enjoy calming water views, which often reflect the clear blue sky above. The lake’s presence adds a sense of tranquility, helping many to find a steady rhythm in their stride. As miles pass, the trail meanders through lush forests, allowing runners to experience the unique beauty of Minnesota’s woodlands. The cool canopy of trees offers relief, especially during sunnier marathon days.

However, the real charm of the Bemidji Blue Ox Marathon is its blend of nature and community. While large sections of the race immerse runners in nature, they periodically loop back to neighborhoods. Each return offers waves of encouragement from locals, reminding participants of the supportive community spirit. These moments of interaction act as fuel, motivating runners to push forward.

The concluding miles of the marathon circle back towards the city center, building anticipation for the finish. As runners approach the end, the merging sounds of nature and cheering create a harmonious background. Crossing the finish line, participants can feel a deep sense of accomplishment, having experienced both the natural beauty and community warmth that Bemidji has to offer.

Mankato Marathon

Location: Mankato, MN
Date: October

The Mankato Marathon unfolds in the scenic city of Mankato, Minnesota. This race starts downtown, offering a glimpse of the city’s vibrant urban environment. Runners navigate through a mix of commercial and residential areas, getting a taste of Mankato’s local flavor. The initial stretch is flat and fast, providing participants an opportunity to find their pace amidst the energy of cheering supporters.

After departing the city center, the route gradually leads runners towards the Minnesota River. This segment is both refreshing and scenic, as participants run alongside the river’s tranquil waters. The winding paths, occasionally shaded by trees, add an element of serenity to the race. Additionally, the riverbanks come alive with the colors of fall, enhancing the visual appeal during October races.

As the marathon progresses, runners traverse through a combination of Mankato’s parks and natural areas. The blend of maintained paths and natural terrains keeps the course interesting. Furthermore, these sections offer moments of solitude, where participants can connect with their surroundings and focus on their individual journey. Yet, even in these quieter segments, local fans find spots to cheer, uplifting runners’ spirits.

Approaching the finale, the marathon course loops back towards the heart of Mankato. The buzz of the city grows louder as the finish line nears, with residents and visitors alike joining to celebrate runners’ achievements. As participants cross the finish, they’re not only greeted by applause but also by a sense of accomplishment, having experienced the diverse landscapes and warm community of Mankato.

Lake Wobegon Trail Marathon

Location: Holdingford, MN
Date: May

The Lake Wobegon Trail Marathon begins in the tranquil town of Holdingford, Minnesota. Starting at Holdingford High School, participants experience a taste of small-town charm. The course initially winds through residential neighborhoods, where local residents can be seen cheering from their front yards. Runners then cross the picturesque covered bridge, setting the tone for the scenic vistas that lie ahead.

Once out of Holdingford, the route primarily follows the Lake Wobegon Trail. This well-maintained, paved path offers smooth running conditions, making it a favorite among marathon enthusiasts. The trail showcases the beauty of central Minnesota, with a backdrop of wooded areas, open fields, and serene lakes. As participants move forward, they pass through the communities of Albany and Avon, each offering its unique allure and a burst of energy from local spectators.

Around the halfway mark, the marathon offers glimpses of the shimmering waters of lakes like Two Rivers and Augusta. These stretches provide a rejuvenating ambiance, especially with the gentle rustling of leaves and the occasional call of waterfowl. The flat nature of the course is also a bonus, allowing runners to maintain a steady pace without the challenge of steep inclines.

Concluding in the town of St. Joseph, the marathon’s final stretch is filled with anticipation. As the finish line at St. Joseph’s Lions Park nears, the sounds of cheering grow louder, signaling the end of this scenic journey. The sense of accomplishment combined with the picturesque surroundings makes the Lake Wobegon Trail Marathon a memorable experience for all participants.

Surf the Murph Marathon

Location: Savage, MN
Date: October

The Surf the Murph Marathon is not for the faint-hearted. Set in Murphy-Hanrehan Park Reserve, Savage, Minnesota, the course offers an adventurous trail experience. Each lap of the marathon provides a mix of terrains. Runners navigate through winding wooded paths, open meadows, and challenging hill climbs. The ever-changing landscape keeps participants engaged and on their toes.

Upon starting, runners are quickly immersed in the dense woodlands of the park. The canopy of trees offers shade, which is especially welcome during warmer months. Moreover, the sound of rustling leaves and chirping birds accompanies participants, enhancing the overall ambiance. Amidst the trees, there are intermittent clearings, providing brief moments of respite and scenic views.

As the miles accumulate, the rolling terrain becomes evident. There are sections where short, steep ascents test runners’ stamina and willpower. Equally, the downhill stretches offer a thrilling experience and a chance to recover. However, it’s essential to remain vigilant, as the trail can be peppered with roots and rocks, posing challenges to even seasoned trail runners.

Finishing the Surf the Murph Marathon brings a sense of significant accomplishment. The rugged nature of the course makes it a genuine test of endurance and mental grit. After crossing the finish line, the camaraderie among participants is palpable, as they share stories of their journey through one of Minnesota’s most challenging and scenic marathon routes.

Med City Marathon

Location: Rochester, MN
Date: May

The Med City Marathon, held in Rochester, Minnesota, is a celebrated race that attracts participants from various regions. Starting in Byron, a nearby town, the course winds its way through picturesque settings before culminating in downtown Rochester. Throughout the race, runners are treated to a blend of urban and rural landscapes, showcasing the best of what the area has to offer.

From the starting line, runners first experience the quiet charm of Byron, which is known for its tree-lined streets and friendly community. After exiting the town, the course moves towards open countryside. Here, participants can enjoy the serenity of rolling farmlands, with the occasional barn or farmhouse dotting the horizon. The relatively flat terrains in these sections offer a chance for runners to find their rhythm and pace.

As they approach the city limits of Rochester, the surroundings become more urban. Runners get glimpses of the world-renowned Mayo Clinic and other city landmarks. The energy shifts as the cheering crowds become more frequent, motivating runners to press on. The paths along the Zumbro River, lined with trees, provide scenic relief and a cooling environment, especially in warmer conditions.

The final stretch of the Med City Marathon is truly memorable. As participants make their way to the heart of downtown Rochester, the finish line awaits amidst the backdrop of skyscrapers and bustling city life. The sense of achievement upon completion is heightened by the enthusiastic spectators and the vibrant atmosphere of this beloved city marathon.

Xenia Avenue Marathon

Location: Brooklyn Park, MN
Date: July

The Xenia Avenue Marathon is a lesser-known gem, offering participants a unique journey through a mix of urban and natural settings. Located in the heart of Ohio, this race boasts a course that starts and finishes in the bustling areas of Xenia Avenue, making it a favorite for locals and visitors alike. The energy at the start line, surrounded by the city’s historic buildings, sets the tone for an exhilarating run.

As runners depart the urban setting, they are soon embraced by stretches of serene parklands and tree-lined paths. These sections, a stark contrast to the city streets, offer a chance for participants to immerse themselves in the tranquility of nature. Gentle undulations in this part of the course add an element of challenge, but the scenic views act as a rewarding distraction.

After the natural landscapes, the route leads runners back towards the city’s suburbs. Here, participants experience residential neighborhoods, where friendly residents often come out to cheer and offer encouragement. This community spirit, combined with the picturesque houses and manicured lawns, gives runners a unique insight into the local life of the Xenia Avenue area.

The concluding miles of the marathon are truly special, as runners re-enter the heart of the city. With the finish line drawing closer, the sounds of cheering crowds grow louder, echoing through the streets of Xenia Avenue. As participants cross the finish, they’re met with a sense of accomplishment and the vibrant atmosphere of this memorable marathon experience.

Superior Fall Trail Marathon

Location: Two Harbors, MN
Date: September

The Superior Fall Trail Marathon is an iconic event, drawing participants to Minnesota’s rugged terrain. Nestled in the pristine Superior National Forest, this marathon is a testament to nature’s raw beauty. Beginning at the Caribou Highlands Lodge in Lutsen, runners immediately feel the wild essence of the area, with the anticipation of the challenging journey ahead palpable in the air.

Heading out, the course unveils a network of trails winding through dense forests. These paths are a mix of rocky outcrops and soft, needle-covered ground. Runners must remain vigilant, as the trail frequently presents roots and boulders. Yet, the beauty of tall pines and shimmering lakes along the way offers moments of serenity and awe.

Gradually, the trail introduces runners to its notable elevation changes. The course isn’t just a test of distance, but also of one’s ability to tackle steep ascents and descents. While these sections can be tough, reaching the top of each hill presents panoramic views of the surrounding forest, making the climb worthwhile. Additionally, the crisp autumn air, with leaves beginning to change, adds a splash of color to the already breathtaking vistas.

As participants approach the finish, the trail becomes slightly more forgiving, allowing for a strong final push. The supportive community of trail enthusiasts and fellow runners provides an energizing atmosphere. Crossing the finish line, the sense of achievement is profound, knowing they’ve conquered one of the most challenging yet beautiful marathons in the Midwest.

Ely Marathon

Location: Ely, MN
Date: September

The Ely Marathon, located in the scenic town of Ely, Minnesota, promises a unique experience for its participants. Nestled near the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, the marathon’s setting is a haven for nature lovers. Starting near the town’s center, runners get a taste of Ely’s charm before embarking on a journey that combines both urban and wilderness elements.

Once out of the town, participants are greeted by picturesque lakes and dense forests. The route meanders alongside several bodies of water, including the expansive Shagawa Lake. Every twist and turn of the course offers calming lake views, reflecting the sky and trees. As the marathon progresses, the gentle rustling of leaves and distant calls of wildlife become the soundtrack of the race.

Elevation changes are moderate throughout, making it accessible for both seasoned marathoners and those new to the distance. Yet, the undulating terrain still offers its fair share of challenges. As the course winds through wooded areas, runners are treated to a canopy of greenery, offering shade and a sense of solitude.

Approaching the finish line, the course loops back towards Ely, reinvigorating runners with the town’s welcoming atmosphere. Spectators cheer on, celebrating the determination and spirit of each participant. As they cross the finish line, the blend of Ely’s community warmth and the marathon’s natural beauty leaves a lasting impression on every runner.


Reflecting on Minnesota’s marathons, one can’t help but admire the state’s distinct blend of nature and endurance challenges. Every marathon, whether in urban Minneapolis or tranquil Duluth, offers runners a unique experience. Additionally, the passionate community support and vibrant energy elevate each event beyond a mere race.

Furthermore, Minnesota’s commitment to hosting top-notch marathons is evident in the impeccable organization and safety measures. Runners, whether beginners or elite, can trust that they’re participating in events of the highest caliber. This dedication ensures an unforgettable experience for all involved.

Beyond the races, participants also get a chance to explore Minnesota’s rich culture and diverse landscapes. Post-race, there are countless lakes, parks, and landmarks awaiting discovery. These marathons, in essence, are gateways to deeper adventures in the state.

In conclusion, while the physical accomplishments of completing a marathon are significant, in Minnesota, the journey transcends the race itself. It’s a celebration of community, nature, and self-discovery, making every marathon in this state a memorable milestone. Happy running!

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