Best Half Marathons in Nebraska

Half Marathons in Nebraska for running races

Nebraska, known for its vast plains, holds hidden gems for runners. Specifically, its top-tier half marathons. First off, these races showcase Nebraska’s diverse terrains, blending urban landscapes with rustic charm. Moreover, each event is meticulously organized, ensuring a smooth running experience for all participants.

What’s more, the state’s half marathons cater to both novice and seasoned runners. With varied elevation changes and scenic routes, every runner finds a fitting challenge. Additionally, local communities play a pivotal role, infusing each event with heartfelt support and enthusiasm.

Furthermore, these races aren’t just about competition. They’re about camaraderie, personal achievement, and the joy of running. Embracing Nebraska’s spirit, they provide a perfect balance of challenge and enjoyment.

In essence, Nebraska’s half marathons are celebrations of endurance, community, and the state’s captivating beauty.

Monument Half Marathon

Location: Gering, NE
Date: September

The Monument Half Marathon is a unique race that captures the essence of Nebraska’s rich history and diverse landscapes. Beginning in the heart of Scottsbluff, runners immediately feel the energy of the local community. The city’s streets, lined with historical buildings, set the initial tone for the race. With each step, participants can sense the stories and legacies that have unfolded in this charming town.

As the race progresses, runners are led towards the renowned Scotts Bluff National Monument. This iconic landmark, standing tall against the skyline, offers an awe-inspiring backdrop. Transitioning from urban streets, the route now winds through natural trails that hug the base of the bluff. Here, runners can appreciate the rugged beauty of the region, with glimpses of the North Platte River and undulating terrains.

Beyond the midpoint, the course dips into scenic valleys and introduces runners to Nebraska’s prairie lands. These open expanses, with their vast skies and gentle breezes, provide a calming environment for participants. Wildflowers in bloom and the distant calls of local wildlife add to the serene atmosphere, making this stretch a favorite among many.

Closing in on the finish, the route circles back towards Scottsbluff, allowing runners to once again take in the views of the National Monument. As they approach the finish line, the sounds of cheering crowds grow louder, echoing the supportive spirit of the local community. With a final sprint, runners complete their journey, having experienced the rich tapestry of landscapes and history that Nebraska offers.

Good Life Halfsy Half Marathon

Location: Lincoln, NE
Date: November

The Good Life Halfsy Half Marathon is a celebration of Nebraska’s spirit, encapsulated in a 13.1 mile journey through Lincoln. Kicking off in east Lincoln, runners are immediately immersed in a blend of urban landscapes and scenic views. The starting area buzzes with excitement, as participants prepare for the course that lies ahead, each eager to experience the “good life” that the city offers.

Moving forward, the route transitions into the serene Holmes Lake Park. Here, runners are greeted by the shimmering waters of Holmes Lake, reflecting the vast Nebraska skies. The tree lined trails provide shade and a momentary respite, allowing participants to appreciate the tranquility of nature amidst their athletic endeavor. Additionally, gentle slopes challenge the legs, but also reward with captivating lake views.

Beyond the lake, the course weaves through residential neighborhoods. The local community’s support becomes evident as families and supporters line the streets, offering cheers, handmade signs, and sometimes even impromptu water stations. This communal spirit boosts the morale of runners, providing the motivation to press on towards the city’s heart.

As the final miles approach, downtown Lincoln beckons. The skyline, marked by the iconic Nebraska State Capitol, serves as a beacon for tired runners. Navigating through the city’s historic streets, participants can feel the energy build as they near the finish line. And as they cross, with a mix of exhaustion and exhilaration, the true essence of the “good life” in Nebraska resonates deeply within each runner.

Lincoln Half Marathon

Location: Lincoln, NE
Date: May

The Lincoln Half Marathon is a prominent race in Nebraska, taking runners on a memorable tour of the state’s capital city. Starting at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s campus, participants can feel the academic energy and history. The early miles are characterized by tree-lined streets and the buzz of the campus. As runners set off, they are met with cheering students, setting a positive tone for the journey ahead.

Heading into downtown Lincoln, the route showcases the city’s vibrant urban core. Historic buildings and local businesses line the streets, providing a mix of architectural beauty and community spirit. The downtown stretch also offers slight elevation changes, giving runners a manageable challenge while allowing for recovery periods. Moreover, locals come out in droves, offering words of encouragement and lending a festive atmosphere to the race.

Following the downtown segment, the course directs runners to the picturesque Antelope Park. This expansive green space, dotted with gardens and ponds, offers a refreshing change of pace. The serene environment, accompanied by the gentle sounds of nature, provides a moment of calm in the midst of the race. Here, runners often find a second wind, inspired by the park’s natural beauty.

The final leg of the half marathon circles back towards the university. As the iconic Memorial Stadium comes into view, excitement builds. The finish line, situated near this historic landmark, acts as a powerful motivator. Completing the Lincoln Half Marathon, runners are filled with a sense of accomplishment, having experienced the heart and soul of one of Nebraska’s most beloved cities.

Heartland Half Marathon

Location: Omaha, NE
Date: September

The Heartland Half Marathon is a cherished event, presenting a vivid snapshot of Nebraska’s scenic landscapes. Beginning in the city’s bustling downtown area, the race offers a blend of urban sights and the charming nuances of local life. The opening miles wind through the city streets, where participants are met with the enthusiastic cheers of supportive onlookers. Historic buildings and storefronts paint a rich tapestry of the town’s history, giving runners a sense of the community’s deep roots.

Transitioning from the urban setting, the course then ventures towards the outskirts, offering expansive views of Nebraska’s signature farmlands. The open skies and sprawling fields serve as a refreshing backdrop, contrasting the earlier city scenes. Gentle hills roll across this section, challenging runners while offering periodic downward slopes for recovery. The tranquility of this stretch allows participants to lose themselves in the rhythm of their strides and the beauty of their surroundings.

As the race progresses, a highlight is the passage along the riverbank. The glistening waters and rustling trees provide both a visual and auditory treat. The path here is mostly flat, allowing runners to maintain a steady pace while soaking in the sights and sounds of nature. This portion is a favorite among many, offering a moment of reflection and connection with the environment.

Drawing closer to the finish line, the course loops back towards the city. The return is marked by increasing crowd support, with the echoing cheers acting as a beacon. As participants make their final push, the sense of community is palpable. Crossing the finish line of the Heartland Half Marathon, runners are not just celebrating a personal achievement but also the spirit of a region that warmly embraces its traditions and visitors.

Nebraska Half Marathon

Location: Papillion, NE
Date: April

The Nebraska Half Marathon, a staple in the state’s running calendar, showcases the essence of Nebraska’s landscapes and community. Kicking off in a vibrant urban district, runners immediately encounter a lively atmosphere. These initial miles weave through bustling streets, revealing a mix of historic landmarks and modern structures. Local residents line the course, offering enthusiastic encouragement and giving participants a taste of the area’s friendly spirit.

Venturing beyond the city limits, the course unfolds into the state’s iconic countryside views. Here, runners are met with open fields stretching out under vast, clear skies. The palette of greens from the vegetation and the occasional sight of farm animals grazing provide a serene and picturesque setting. Gentle inclines dot this section, offering moderate challenges followed by rewarding descents.

Midway through the race, runners traverse a scenic route along a winding river. The shimmering waters reflect the sky, creating a calming backdrop that contrasts the earlier urban environment. The river’s soft murmurs accompany runners, providing a rhythmic and meditative soundtrack. Along this stretch, the path remains fairly level, allowing participants to find a comfortable stride while admiring the natural beauty.

As the end nears, the course redirects runners back toward the starting cityscape. The crescendo of cheering grows louder, drawing participants home. Buildings, once distant on the horizon, now loom close, signaling the impending finish. Completing the Nebraska Half Marathon, runners are met with a rush of accomplishment, not only for the distance covered but also for experiencing the multifaceted charm of Nebraska.

Half Hastings Half Marathon

Location: Hastings, NE
Date: June

The Half Hastings Half Marathon offers participants a unique blend of Nebraska’s rich heritage and natural beauty. Beginning in historic downtown Hastings, runners immediately feel the city’s inviting charm. The early stretches navigate through quaint streets lined with brick storefronts and restored 19th-century buildings. Coupled with the cheers from supportive locals, this section of the course brims with energy and enthusiasm.

Transitioning from the urban environment, the route leads runners into the serene outskirts of Hastings. Here, the landscape shifts to expansive farmlands and open skies. Golden fields sway gently in the breeze, and the horizon seems endless. The course, mainly flat, allows runners to maintain a steady pace while soaking in the tranquil surroundings and breathing in the fresh, country air.

Approaching the midway mark, the pathway hugs the banks of a winding river, adding a new dimension to the scenery. The gleaming waterway, reflecting the blue of the sky, meanders alongside the trail, providing a refreshing contrast to the earlier fields. The gentle sound of flowing water accompanies runners, offering moments of reflection and solace during their journey.

The final miles circle back towards the heart of Hastings. As the town’s silhouette becomes clearer in the distance, the anticipation of the finish line grows. Re-entering the urban setting, runners are once again embraced by the city’s warm atmosphere. Crossing the finish line, participants can’t help but feel a sense of accomplishment, having experienced the diverse tapestry of landscapes that the Half Hastings Half Marathon proudly showcases.

Oregon Trail Run Half Marathon

Location: Hebron, NE
Date: October

The Oregon Trail Run Half Marathon, steeped in history and natural beauty, beckons runners for a memorable journey. Beginning in the heart of a picturesque Nebraska town, participants start by navigating tree-lined streets. These roads, echoing the footsteps of pioneers past, set a tone of nostalgia and reverence. As the first miles unfold, the community’s support is palpable, with enthusiastic spectators cheering on from sidewalks and front porches.

Venturing further, the course introduces runners to the expansive Nebraska plains. Wide-open fields stretch out, broken only by distant rolling hills. The vast sky overhead paints a breathtaking backdrop, often filled with a palette of morning hues. Here, the terrain is mostly flat, allowing participants to find a rhythmic pace while absorbing the unspoiled beauty that surrounds them.

Nearing the halfway point, the route showcases segments of the actual Oregon Trail. Historical markers dot the pathway, reminding runners of the incredible journeys undertaken by early settlers. In this section, the trail becomes slightly more rugged, with a mix of dirt paths and gravel roads. The challenges, however, are rewarded with spectacular views and a deeper connection to the land’s storied past.

As the course loops back toward the starting town, the energy begins to shift. Buildings reappear on the horizon, signaling the final stretch. The spirit of the community is felt once more, as cheers grow louder and the finish line comes into view. Completing the Oregon Trail Run Half Marathon, participants not only celebrate their personal achievement but also honor the legacy of a trail that shaped a nation.

Hot Cider Hustle Half Marathon

Location: Omaha, NE
Date: October

The Hot Cider Hustle Half Marathon is a cherished fall event, combining the love of running with seasonal festivities. Kicking off in Omaha’s scenic waterfront area, the race captures the essence of autumn. The crisp air, filled with the aroma of freshly fallen leaves, sets the stage. Furthermore, the starting line is a riot of fall colors, with runners dressed in warm hues, some even sporting fun, seasonal costumes.

As participants embark on their journey, they wind through some of Omaha’s most iconic neighborhoods. Historical homes, with their ornate designs and colorful gardens, create a visual feast for runners. Spectators, wrapped in scarves and mittens, line the streets offering waves, cheers, and sometimes even impromptu music. These friendly faces provide the much-needed motivation to push through challenging stretches.

Around the midpoint, the course embraces Omaha’s natural beauty by skirting along its serene trails. The rustling of leaves underfoot and the sight of trees transitioning to golds and reds become constant companions. This section is peaceful, allowing runners to lose themselves in their thoughts and enjoy the therapeutic effects of nature. The occasional wildlife spotting, like a deer or a curious squirrel, adds a touch of magic.

As the finish line approaches, the unmistakable scent of hot cider fills the air, urging runners on. The final stretch is a celebration in itself. Once across the finish line, participants are greeted with steaming mugs of apple cider, embodying the warmth and spirit of the season. With each sip, the fatigue melts away, replaced by a sense of accomplishment and the cozy comfort of fall. The Hot Cider Hustle, in essence, isn’t just a race; it’s a heartwarming experience.

Autumn River Run Half Marathon

Location: North Platte, NE
Date: October

The Autumn River Run Half Marathon is a celebration of both running and the splendors of fall. Situated in Nebraska’s beautiful landscape, the race begins near the historic Golden Spike Tower. With the early morning light shimmering on the Platte River, runners gather, anticipation in the air. The hues of the trees, transitioning from green to fiery oranges and reds, paint a picture-perfect backdrop for the start.

As the race progresses, participants are treated to a course that follows the Platte River’s gentle curves. The rhythmic sound of water flowing complements the steady cadence of runners’ feet hitting the path. Moreover, wooden bridges and scenic overlooks dot the course, offering opportunities for brief pauses or quick selfies. These natural landmarks are favorite spots for supporters, who cheer and provide that extra boost of encouragement.

Heading into the second half, the trail veers into North Platte’s picturesque parks. Here, tree-lined pathways offer shade and a respite from the sun. The rustling of leaves and the occasional sight of local wildlife create an immersive experience. It’s easy for runners to feel a deep connection to nature in these stretches, with the world’s bustle fading away.

Approaching the finish line, the community’s spirit truly shines. Local residents, families, and fellow participants create a corridor of applause, celebrating every runner’s achievement. And as participants cross the finish, the sense of accomplishment is palpable. The Autumn River Run, beyond being a race, is a journey through the heart of North Platte’s natural beauty and its warm community.

Nebraska State Fair Half Marathon

Location: Grand Island, NE
Date: August

The Nebraska State Fair Half Marathon is a notable event that showcases both the athletic spirit and the local culture. Starting at the vibrant state fairgrounds, the atmosphere is electric with excitement. Here, colorful stalls, fair rides, and the distant sound of music set a festive backdrop. Runners gather amidst this lively setting, ready to embark on a memorable 13.1 mile journey through Nebraska’s heartland.

Once off the fairgrounds, the route transitions into the picturesque streets of the city. Runners pass historical landmarks and architectural gems, offering glimpses into the area’s rich heritage. The gentle hum of local life, combined with cheerful spectators lining the sidewalks, adds to the marathon’s charm. Local businesses and homes display banners and flags, encouraging the participants with every step.

As the course progresses, it opens up to the Nebraska plains, characterized by vast fields and farmlands. This stretch, while more open, provides runners with panoramic views of the horizon and a real sense of the state’s agricultural soul. The flat terrain is both a blessing and a challenge, allowing for fast paces but demanding mental perseverance. Yet, the beauty of the golden fields, under the expansive blue sky, offers a visual treat that few races can match.

Approaching the finish, the route circles back to the bustling fairgrounds. The sound of the fair grows louder, acting as a beacon for tired legs and weary minds. As runners cross the finish line, they’re enveloped in a mix of cheers, music, and the unique aroma of fair foods. With a medal around their necks and memories to cherish, participants can then explore the fair, making the Nebraska State Fair Half Marathon an unparalleled blend of athleticism and celebration.


As our journey through Nebraska’s half marathons concludes, several key takeaways emerge. Firstly, these races epitomize the state’s spirit, melding nature with community fervor. Secondly, they provide an avenue for personal milestones, fostering growth in every stride.

Additionally, the scenic routes and varied terrains offer participants a uniquely Nebraskan experience. Runners not only challenge their limits but also immerse themselves in the state’s beauty. Lastly, the overwhelming support from local communities is a testament to Nebraska’s hospitality.

In sum, Nebraska’s half marathons are not mere events; they’re vibrant celebrations of passion, perseverance, and unity. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, these races leave an indelible mark on your heart. Happy running!

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